2022 Ruckus Code of Conduct


Purpose: We are a diverse group bringing together members from many different states, countries, political backgrounds, morals, values and definitions of the proper way to support. We often use the terms Family and Respect. Occasionally, there become times when we fail our Family with Respect. The purpose of this document is layout the discipline policy for 2018 and beyond.

Your leadership team is not actively patrolling for violations of this policy. It is our hope that there are no violations of this policy. We do feel that it is important for all members to understand our expectation in the manner of behavior. The best way to “police” the group is for each member to take ownership of their own actions and police yourselves accordingly.

The Ruckus is a group of choice. Members who signs up do so of their own free will. We recognize that not everyone will get along; but everyone can RESPECT each other. So if you choose to join the Ruckus, you agree to the following Elements within the Scope listed below.

Scope: This policy applies to any Official Ruckus Event. Anything involving Ruckus Members but not at an official event is not the purview of the Ruckus or Ruckus Leadership. These events include but are not limited to: Orlando City Stadium, the Ruckus Parking Lot, Official Watch Parties, Ruckus Sponsored Bus Trips, Ruckus Charity Events, Ruckus Away Games (at Stadium) or other official Ruckus Sponsored event not listed.




1) At any point you feel a crime is occurring or has occurred, contact the proper authorities IMMEDIATELY. While Leadership is available for assistance for any issue, we are not a police force empowered by a state to enforce the law, protect property, or limit civil disorder.

2) Physical Violence between Members will not be tolerated. All parties involved in any sort of physical violence will be immediately suspended from the Ruckus pending review. Information reviewed will include police reports, witness statements as well any video or photos that can be recovered. Again, your leadership group is not a police force, so don’t expect the same level of investigation you may expect with local authorities. Our main focus is to keep the group safe.

3) Use of illegal drugs at Ruckus Events is not permitted. Anyone caught using illegal drugs at a Ruckus event will be immediately suspended with a review of termination of membership. Local authorities will also be contacted. There is no place for this at Ruckus events. (This rule applies to the local law where applicable).

4) Theft of any Ruckus item (money, merchandise, assets, supplies) will not be tolerated. The Member will be immediately suspended from the Ruckus until incident review. The Ruckus will use all means necessary to recover the property or monies. These means include but not limited to local law enforcement, prosecution, criminal and civil court.

5) Bullying, harassment or intimidation will not be tolerated. There is no place for these actions within the Ruckus. Based on the offense, punishment will range from warning, suspension or in a severe case or consistently repeated cases — termination of membership.

6) Guests – Members are welcome to bring guests to our events. Please be advised, YOU are responsible for the actions of your guests. If the guest of a member violates any Ruckus Rules or Code of Conduct, the Ruckus member can be disciplined for their actions. As a reminder, other MLS team colors are not allowed in the supporter section at Orlando City or at Ruckus Events (tailgate lot). If your guest requires wearing the opposing teams colors, it is suggested you purchase tickets elsewhere in the stadium as well as choose a different pre-game location other than the Ruckus Lot.

At Away Games – We recognize that many of members have friends at away locations. If they attend the game with you in the AWAY SUPPORTERS section, opposing team colors will not be tolerated. Both you and your guests will be removed from the section. In the event we have a Ruckus sponsored pre-game event (such as NYCFC 2015 or the 2017 Atlanta Parking Lot) – these rules would apply as well. If it is an informal get together, these rules do not apply.

**NOTE – While the Broken Strings is a Ruckus friendly bar; it is not a Ruckus exclusive bar. Any harassment of their patrons will not be tolerated.

7) Behavior unbecoming of a Ruckus Member – This document covers main areas we have dealt with in the past but is not inclusive of all things that may be disciplined for. Please see the levels of Punishment attached.

Levels of Punishment:
Level 1 – Warning
Level 2 – 1 week Suspension (of all Ruckus Events)
Level 3 – 4 week Suspension
Level 4 – 12 week Suspension
Level 5 – Termination of Membership from the Ruckus and Removal from the Wall


Social Media


One of the most popular areas for members to stay in contact is the Ruckus Facebook pages. Based on feedback, we have put together some guidelines for the Ruckus pages this year.

1) Personal Pages – To be on the Ruckus Facebook pages, you must have a personal page as well. Leadership will not monitor or censor personal pages. Please feel free to use you personal pages to speak to your friends about items that are important to you.

2 Ruckus Relevant – All material posted to the Ruckus Pages should be relevant to the Ruckus and Ruckus Activities only. If your subject is controversial soccer-specific, there are many Orlando City Discussion boards to have that debate on. If it is a matter that you are personally passionate about, please use your own page to promote your opinions on those issues.

3) Bullying, harassments, threats or “trolling” (each other) will not be tolerated on the Ruckus Pages – We all have different views and opinions on how to properly support our team. Please respect the views of others, as you would wish they would respect yours.

4) Ruckus Information is Proprietary and Private – Please do not screen shot items from the private Ruckus Pages and post publically. While we do not monitor your personal pages, violation of this will result in immediate removal from Ruckus pages as well as possible suspension from the Ruckus

Ruckus Bylaws

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