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What a day! The Ruckus Season begins

If you did not register yesterday, don’t feel bad… I forgot too. Hundreds of others did not. The line was insane. Ironically, no one cared! That’s how good the party was. Ruckus, I love you. City, I love you. Jerry, formally known as Barry, formerly known as Ginger– Jerry… you are my hero. The Leadership team really showed their readiness yesterday. You killed it. Thank you! 29 days from now. To be with you all in the terraces. Sharing beer. To be holding each other up for the sake of decency. Hugs and High Fives. I long for these...

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Kreis meets the Lads

And so we finally meet. Last night, coach Jason Kreis joined supporters of the ILF and The Ruckus at Elixir downtown Orlando. The Q&A session brought smiles, laughs and some very honest answers from our new coach. Many of you, myself included, may not have had a very strong opinion about his personality prior to last night. I will say, he’s not so bad! He even drank 1.325 Heineken beers. I think I saw him smile a total of 6 times. This was likely due to Harper’s cuteness running around behind the interview table. It was refreshing to get...

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5 reasons why “Barry” is ready for 2017

What is”Barry” aka Jerry Updike looking forward to in 2017? 1. I am looking forward to going home. This has been such a long journey, but from March 5th forward we will set the traditions for all those that follow on game day. 2. I am curious to see how our pre-game traditions evolve or change. We have done things a certain way for so long I am excited to see what we do differently given our new situation. 3. I can’t wait to see all the personal touches the stadium will have which will be designed and painted...

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