The Ruckus, founded in 2010, is Orlando City Soccer Club’s oldest and first officially recognized independent supporters club. Our love for OCSC is loudly on display at each and every game whether home or thousands of miles away. Every match we use our tifos, flags, smoke, and every ounce of oxygen in our lungs to chant, sing, and lead our Lions onto glory. Everyone knows, rain or shine, we do our part.

One of the creeds of The Ruckus is “Forever Our City!” We hold that creed near and dear to our hearts as it guides us in everything that we do. Our passion for our community is exhibited all year long through our numerous charitable activities through our Ruckus Cares functions. Whether in the stands or the community, it is clear, this is FOREVER OUR CITY!
We encourage you to join us in supporting both our Club and City. We welcome anyone with passion in their hearts to join our ever expanding family. Together we can help push our Club and City to better horizons.
Vamos Orlando and Vamos The Ruckus!