What up Ruckus! It’s been two long weeks since we’ve all gotten together on match day to share a few pints, some laughs and to cheer on the boys in purple. How’s about a repeat? Tomorrow? 1:00pm? Our place? Sweet, see you there! #Ruckus&Chill


Welcome to Smoke City, USA

So, it has been brought to our attention here at Ruckus HQ that our humble march last match caught the attention of Johnny Law. Apparently someone lit off a few smoke devices while making their way to the stadium. First I hear of it. Not sure if I totally believe this group of distinguished and mild mannered individuals would be the sort to partake in such nefarious activities.

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT…yeah it was us…and we’d do it again if we could! Oh, wait….we can…AND WE MO’FUGGIN WILL!

We should go ahead and start writing our mea culpa letter cuz this train ain’t stoppin’! Ladies and Gents of the Ruckus, the smoking lamp is still on and we will be providing smoke for sale at the tailgate for our march to the stadium (read: DO NOT BRING THE SHIT INSIDE THE STADIUM). These items will be on sale at the Ruckus trailer (not the merch tent) at 5:00pm.


Look, nobody does flags better than us, OK? Nobody. If anyone knows about flags, its us and we have the best flags. Yuuuge flags, OK?

While inside the stadium, we also want to go all out on flags and two poles in what is called a “banderazo”. So, whether you’re waving a custom mega flag (respect Ryan Palacios) or you’re rocking one of the Ruckus merch flags, make sure you partake. It’s a great visual and we’re all about making this shit look sexy. If you’re not the proud owner of a flag yet, we will have the Saint Ruckus, Orlando Original and OG Ruckus designs for sale which includes a flag kit (PVC and zip ties) so you can get in on the business inside the stadium.


If I can get on my soap box for a second, these traditions that are being well documented will live on for generations. Take pride in the fact that you’re setting the bar for future supporters to live up to after we’re old and useless. Let’s keep this party going.


Vamos Los Ruckus!



Location: Broken Cauldron Brewery


Start: 1:00pm

Food: 2:00pm

March: 6:00pm

Kick: 7:30pm