If you did not register yesterday, don’t feel bad… I forgot too. Hundreds of others did not. The line was insane. Ironically, no one cared! That’s how good the party was.

Ruckus, I love you.

City, I love you.

Jerry, formally known as Barry, formerly known as Ginger– Jerry… you are my hero. The Leadership team really showed their readiness yesterday. You killed it. Thank you!

29 days from now. To be with you all in the terraces. Sharing beer. To be holding each other up for the sake of decency. Hugs and High Fives. I long for these days. I hate the day after, but it’s worth it.

Thank you all for showing up yesterday and being a part of the biggest membership drive we have ever had. In 2010, we were in the Harp (before it was offically open) – for our “launch party”. The meeting was formal – 15 people, which comprised 90% of our group jajajajajaja…. Our membership card was “sharpied” to remove invalid information… Class.

Yesterday, we set a higher bar. In addition to me finding out I was afraid of heights, I was personally dumbfounded by the turnout yesterday. You all are amazing, and it was evident that you have the same love for this Ruckus thing that I do.

Looks like there are a lot of names to get to know, and hugs to deliver. I hope you had the chance to meet the Godfather; for he is the reason for all of this. Thank you Dan, thank you Lori.

See you all soon. Vamos!!!