We are full swing into the week preceding our 2017 Membership Launch Party at Downtown Orlando’s best known soccer pub, The Harp and Celt. From a leadership perspective, this is the culminating moment where all our planning and working behind the scenes sets the tone for the remainder of the season. I, for one, could not be more excited.


Last night we had two Ruckus related events. Our Ruckus Cares arm successfully planned and executed a “Ruckus Feeds The Homeless” event and members of the drum line met up at the Broken Cauldron to rehearse music and fine tune their skills for the season. Having the ability to go to both, one thing was very apparent; after a long off season, our returning members are excited to get back and reunite with our Ruckus family again. The evidence was in the numbers. The Ruckus Cares event was promoted prior to the event in order to attract a good turn out. Out of 51 RSVPs, we had a turn out of above 100% of those who pledged to go. Meanwhile, on the musical side, we had our drummers jammin’ away, refining the old material and churning out beats for the new songs and chants.

All of this hype is sure to continue building as we get closer to February 4th and onward to March 5th. Leadership is doing all that we can to make our launch party fun and attractive by picking what we feel is one of our best venues for a party to date and adding in a raffle for Opening Day tickets against NYCFC. That being said, we also feel that the biggest draw is simply being with our extended family, enjoying our first time all congregated in mass for the first time since last season.

Join us Saturday at the Harp and Celt

Between the Irish car bombs, the pub chips and the good time to be had with old friends, the start of the 2017 season starts this Saturday for us. Like the boys on the pitch, we have plenty to do before game day and the time to roll the sleeves starts now. Every season the goal should be to stand on the shoulders of the accomplishments from seasons pass and do it all bigger and better. Having been refreshed by the buzz surrounding our first full year with a new coach, some new signings and of course, a new stadium; we expect the same this season. After the great start to this week, I have no doubt’s we will surpass those goals.


Cheers to the new season and Vamos Los Ruckus!