What is”Barry” aka Jerry Updike looking forward to in 2017?

1. I am looking forward to going home. This has been such a long journey, but from March 5th forward we will set the traditions for all those that follow on game day.

2. I am curious to see how our pre-game traditions evolve or change. We have done things a certain way for so long I am excited to see what we do differently given our new situation.

3. I can’t wait to see all the personal touches the stadium will have which will be designed and painted by the supporters.

4. Given 2016, I am looking forward to seeing a team that plays with 100% passion on the field. Win or lose, I want to know that everyone in our kit put every ounce of themselves towards victory whether it was achieved or not.

5. Lastly, as a parent, I am looking forward to finding ways to foster our supporter culture for our future generations. We are an open group, and that applies to all members, even those who often get overlooked due to age.